Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to my Zen garden!

copper fountain, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

This is my back yard. I decided to turn it into a Zen garden after visiting the Japanese Gardens in the Huntington Library and Gardens and because my yard is very narrow. (8 ft. by 40 ft.) It is also where Sophie hangs out all day when I am gone. I want it to be peaceful for both me and her and anyone else who enters. There are certain elements to a Zen garden: Vertical elements like rocks, trees and fountains point upwards toward the sky and thus represent air. Horizontal elements such as moss and flat rocks represent the earth. Fountains and rivers or creeks obviously represent water and there we have the basic elements of life. You will always find a Japanese maple in a Zen garden and often camellias. The blossom of a camellia drops to the ground while the bloom is full reminding us that life can end any time and that sometimes it can be cut short. I also have fruit trees: a peach and 2 apples. You can see one of the apple trees espaliered against the fence. Both have fed me well this summer. The garden is small but so peaceful to be in at the end of the day or just to lunch in. Sophie is a lucky dog to spend time alone here. I hope you, too, enjoy your visit.


Marjorie said...

Your garden is beautiful, as well as bountiful, and it is obviously a labor of love. Sophie couldn't be anything other than content to guard her house from there. You will both miss that beautiful garden.

Denise Whitney said...

Thank you, Marjorie. I really enjoyed working in my garden this week. It was very comforting and calming.

taoistopher said...

what an amazing spot to sit and experience the universe.

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