Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting ready for the day

Getting ready for the day, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

I thought I would start a series of everyday living. I was preparing my mind for sketching this morning while getting ready for the day in the bathroom. This is what I came up with. I have more make-up brushes than I can use. Almost all of them are Chanel or Bobbi Brown. I love them all. It is quite interesting to mix paint colors that are actually the colors you put on your face. I hope everyone has a great day. It always feels like you are ready once your girly girl things are on. Unless of course you are not a girly girl or even a girl at all. Too bad. It always makes me feel ready for the day.


Marjorie said...

What a fun idea, I love it! I wonder what will be next, maybe an omelette?

Denise Whitney said...

I am going to try to leave food out of it for a while. I know I am a sick foodie but there are other things in my day, right?

Marjorie said...

If you say so!

Winifred said...

I love that painting.

I find as I get older I do use make up more. Trying to plaster the cracks!

I hardly ever wore make up when I was young only a bit of mascara. I used to hate my rosy cheeks bbut have to say I wish I still had them now. Wouldn't need any blusher!

Denise Whitney said...

Thank you Winifred. I am pleased with it also. Many of my scribbles just satisfy me so-so. But I was happy with this one.