Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rose petal ice cream- with goats' milk

Last week I was tapping in to my creative side.  Besides the marigold encrusted goat cheese I also made some rose petal ice cream.  I have an organic garden so even my flowers can be used in food.  Violets, nasturtiums, of course lavender and herbs, but even rose petals.
I start with Abraham Darby roses and fresh raw mild from Sunflower and CoCO

Bring the milk to just shy of a boil and add rose petals.  Steep until milk is cool

Ready to eat 
Use a basic custard ice cream recipe.  Here's mine:

4 cups milk ( cream or goat's milk)
Bring 1 cup to just shy of boiling on stovetop with a vanilla bean (cut open)
     steep the vanilla in milk off heat until milk cools- at least 10 minutes
4 egg yolks
3/4 cup sugar
Whisk egg yolks and sugar until the color of lemons
Add the 1 cup of steeped milk slowly to the eggs and sugar and stir until homogenous.
Return to the stove and cook slowly until that "back of the spoon" test has been reached
Place the remaining 3 cups of milk in a bain Marie of ice water
Add hot custard mixture to the cold milk through a sieve.
Cool for 6 hours
Use your favorite ice cream maker
Bon Appetit!
If you don't have fresh goat milk, fresh eggs and organic rose petal, improvise to whatever you like!