Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Color wheel lavender sachet

lavender sachet, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

For my friend, Scarlett. I hope this sachet will keep her clothes fresh and slightly fragrant! In June I took a soy wax resist, cloth dying class from Melanie Testa. We started with primary colors....One group of warm primaries, another of cool color primaries. She encouraged us to make a color wheel of a set of primaries to guide us with our mixing. I really loved the color wheel "sample" so I brought it home with the rest of my dyed cloth. Here it is with a little embroidery and lace embellishments filled with harvested lavender from my garden sent to my friend in Boston. I think it will arrive in her mail today. Shh, she doesn't know it's coming.


Marjorie said...


It is beautiful I know Scarlett will love it. :)

I promise i wont tell her it's on the way to her she will be so surprised.

Plain Jane said...


Jo said...

Lavender from your garden!? OMG - you SD girls are too much. How can I keep up? How special for Scarlett.

Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness! Such an unexpected surprise! Denise... how kind and thoughtful of you! I just LOVE it!!

The lavender aroma is unbelievably gorgeous and the satchel itself -- generates lots of love and warmth in my hands. I will treasure this little beauty always. You are so sweet ~ thank you so much!!!