Friday, April 25, 2014

Goat babies

Update on the orphaned twins.  These girls are now 7 weeks old and still love their bottles.  I obviously went to visit them today.  Such sweet girls.  We went for a walk on the farm before their breakfast.  They stick together and then every once in a while look up to see where I am.  Then they race to catch up.  Oh what fun!  They have new homes to go to soon.  I think this will be our last playdate.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A visit home

 I got to go "home" to the beach for a birthday present and Oh was it fun!  I started each morning with a walk on the beach. Day 1- San Clemente beach with my friend Sue, Day 2 Corona del Mar beach then a trip to see my niece Haley play softball, Day 3 my favorite strenuous Dana Strand with lots of ups and downs  I am always happy I don't die on this one.  Day 4  eight miles of Crystal Cove sand with my friend Cherie and her adorable baby, Annalee Rose and Day 5 the Montage Resort Beach where we shared the water with a pod of dolphin, a sea lion and a leather bronzed man ( with a thong?)  I got my fill of seafood, trips to Roger's Gardens, the fragrance of orange blossoms and of course the salt air.
Beach house
Corona del Mar
steps down

Annalee and Cherie
Crystal Cove Cottage #13

The Montage beach

my brother, Dan and niece Haley Whitney Haley

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Carrot salad

Fresh from someone else's garden since the ground again is covered with snow.  I love the rainbow carrots now available and this fresh fresh salad is a great way to use them.  I grated carrots, segmented a tangerine and an orange, squeezed the juice from a couple of blood oranges and added grated fresh ginger.  Trader Joe's provided the medley of dried fruits.  It looks like a bowl full of confetti.