Monday, June 12, 2017

It must be summer! Let's go!

Each morning that I can I walk through the neighborhood for exercise and enjoyment.  This morning there was more to look at than gardens blooming.  Summer is here and people are taking their mini homes with them.  I headed down Fairfax where I knew there was a Timberleaf teardrop trailer parked but it was gone.  No doubt out on the road or camped in the mountains but there were plenty more to look at.  Two were restorations and they were sweet right down to new chrome wings.  Then there was a beautiful Airstream and homes as simple as a tent trailer.  All of these were on one morning walk.  What's your choice?

restored Shasta

Retro white water



This ones been around

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sometimes you just have to butt heads with your mother

Eloise and her mother, CoCo

Sometimes kids just don't see eye to eye with their parents.  I think CoCo started this one but LuLu just isn't afraid to take her on.  None months in a goat's life must mean she's a teenager.


At the end of it all they go back to loving each other.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

What messy room?

Oh my!  My blog is based on the fact that my art studio is just a messy room----really but at least for a few days it is NOT
The studio is in my basement with not much storage and not much light.....pretty much a room to collect a mess but as all of us do from time to time it was time to do something about it.  The room had a dinky little closet in the corner of the 10" by 18" room.  So I  build in a 4" by 12' walk in closet.  It still left a good size room and a new wall for a gallery.  The quilt that inspired this:
October Sunset quilt 2005

every studio needs a guest bed

So I used it for the back pillow of the day bed.  The window has a leaded glass over it so the light is pretty on a sunny day

Gallery wall

Here's the closet door and the gallery wall.  Yes children's art is acceptable!
Now walk into my closet:

South wall

back wall

north wall

And there's 2 more walls for my work space and a little dresser, not shown.

work center

Oh yes, I need another lamp
Time to change the name of my blog

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The art of the barbiche and pampilles

"Barbiche" is the French word meaning a growth of hair under the lower other words a "goatee".  Who best to have a goatee than a goat herself?  Sunny and CoCo got their beards at about 8 months.  Well the babies are now 9 months old and it was time to take a look at their chins.

Look carefully LuLu's barbiche is starting to grow.  She is a beautiful doeling, isn't she?  She and Maverick both have "wattles" or extra skin baubles where the jaw ends and the neck begins.  En Francais= "pampilles"

Now here's a MOAB (mother of all barbiche)

Sunflower wins the prize for a fabulous Barbiche.  And Yes she likes to have it brushed along with the rest of her.

Maverick selfie with pampilles (wattles)

Well no goatee yet for this young man but he still likes to find my lap every afternoon to snuggle into for a nap.  I like it too...especially when the sun is shining in the barn on a really cold day like today.  Snuggling with a goat is the best.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Good morning!

I am a creature of habit.  I usually have the same thing for breakfast every morning.  I do my best to make it delicious, healthy and from home grown or the best food available.  I broke out of my old habit into a new one after Brad made me a fabulous breakfast of lightly sautéed leafy greens with a poached egg on top.  Here's my version:

sautéed leafy greens with over easy egg over sour dough toast
with half grapefruit

mise en place

leafy greens ( this blend is spinach, chard, kale and mizuna)
one handful
one fabulous backyard egg
toast - optional
a little olive oil

Lightly sautéed the power greens in olive oil until soft, add room temperature egg, cook as desired.  Place greens on toast and top with egg.  This is a low calorie high nutritious breakfast with one serving of veggies, one of protein and one of fruit and a bread if added.....and a fabulous way to start your day.
Bon petit déjeuner!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Reach out and touch someone you love

It's kidding season again here.  My good friend Denise at Caramel Apple Farm has 6 does ready to be Mommies.  Here is "Redbook" with her new baby- just 12 hours old

Minerva Magonagal
This sweet baby ( and her sister) were born on Kate's birthday.  Kate and I visited Denise and the goats and then came home for a birthday surprise from some famous people

Some magic was had by all.  A yummy cake of quiddish  and lots of fun.  Happy Birthday Kate!  who's now 8 (+2)
Kate, whose 8 + 2

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Goodness!  Isn't Winter over yet?
Well the first bloom of crocus has made its way.  For someone who absolutely hates Winter it's a sign of hope
Well and then there are adorable kids.

Eloise (LuLu when she's not in trouble)