Sunday, June 21, 2015

Goodbye my Sophie love

Sophie went to doggy heaven this week.  She was a good old dog and I will miss her.  Before the vet came to our house we did a few last things.  Of course we went for a walk.  Like all dogs Sophie loved her walks.  Then we fingerprinted or I guess that would be paw painted.  And before she left she had a treat of chocolate.  Thirteen years was a long time together:
In her finest
Naughty on the quilt
Last love fest

A little fingerpainting on the backyard walkway

On her pillow
Six weeks old

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eleven tornados in 2 days. Yikes

Oh my!  I thought our rain would never stop in May.  It rained- and I mean RAINED- 29 out of the 31 days in May.  June started with a couple of sunny days sprinkled with afternoon showers but the storms came back again with a vengeance.  Lightning, thunder, hail and RAIN for 4 hours Thursday night.  Then Friday Lightning, thunder and rain on high speed.   I have vowed not to spend one more *$*@%^*!!!!! dime on my garden this year.  It is 90% for waste.  I planted these beautiful irises last year....I love the really dark purple lower part and then the storm
Wow it is no wonder I named one of my little bucklings  "Storm"  I should have named the other "Thunder"


MaMas and boys

CoCo and Storm

Sunflower and Ash

These boys are growing- 3 weeks and they have mastered the barnyard obstacle course but they do stop and snuggle with their MaMas...  yes...these boys have two MaMas   Of course Sunny gave birth to both of them and CoCo did not have any babies this time but CoCo makes a wonderful Aunt.  In the goat world kids tend to stick to their own mothers but they love Aunt CoCo too.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Two goats on two chairs

These 10 day old little bucklings are too darn cute.  This morning they discovered the chairs.  They are mostly used for children to sit in but they are kids, aren't they?
It looks like there are no babies for CoCo this year but she does make a very fun Aunt.  Watch these little kids repel of the side of the barn.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Welcome Sunny's boys

Oh my we have been waiting for these babies to get here.  After lots of goat sitting and extreme changes in weather Sunny had her day on Thursday.  At was sunny and warm....a good day for birth.   Storm and Ash.......both boys.....can you even tell them apart?  It's hard.  This video is when they are 14 hours old.  A few hours later they were out in the barnyard exploring their world.
Welcome to the world boys!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring

We made it through another winter.  I had my doubts but here we are - the first day of spring.  Crocuses and hyacinths are blooming, we had our first rain 2 nights ago and there are babies on the farms.  My CoCo and Sunflower have a few more weeks to go but kidding was in full force last week at Caramel Apple Farm.  Kate spent her birthday helping to welcome new goats into the world.  What a great way to turn 8.
Kate and her kid
Napping babies

Kate turns 8

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome March!

It is still really cold and snowy here in Denver but Spring should officially start in 3 weeks and the local bulbs should push through the snow: first the crocus, then the hyacinths followed by daffodils.  I can plant peas on St Patrick's Day so the gardening will start- providing the earth has thawed.  His Majesty the Tree was sewn thirteen years ago but still fun to look at.  March is the sycamore tree with signs of spring everywhere.  There is a birds nest in the tree of young leaves- lots of leaves with one stitch of ribbon each.  The kitty takes center stage with a needle turn appliqué in the center and an outline stitched in the lower right corner.  Take a closer look:
March block, the Sycamore tree

A cameo button clustered with blooming fascia and grape hyacinths

Butterfly ribbons and flowers

A kitty watches over the young garden

Buttons and tulips

Frisky kitty watches for birds