Saturday, February 21, 2015

Meet the new chicks

The new chicks
I just couldn't help it.  I went out to load up on barnyard essentials at O'Malley's Mercantile before the big weekend snow storm but when I opened the store door I heard birds singing.  Well they had just received a shipment of baby chicks minutes before and these little babies were peeping away less than a day old.  They are shipped by mail.  I went in for alfalfa and came out with 4 new chicks.  Bandit, Boo, Giselle and Buttercup 2.0:



Buttercup 2.0
 Ella and her angel food cake.
We had chocolate fondue for my birthday last week and Ella wanted to make one herself.  I am lucky this precious young lady (11) wants to be in my kitchen with me but she is a good little cook and the rewards are always worth it.  Gluten-free has been a challenge but not impossible so here she made- and just about all by herself- a beautiful angel food cake.  Good job Ella!
Ella and her angel food cake

She even did her clean up

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to me

Yikes! These numbers are getting up there.  I was born on a Friday and this year my birthday was on a Friday again.  It's ok.  It happens to a few of us.  I have always loved having a birthday around so many holidays.  Lincoln's birthday the day before.....we actually celebrated Lincoln's birthday when I was in school....and then Valentine's Day the day after.  It's a happy time of year.  I started celebrating this year by participating in a Mala workshop at my Yoga studio.  Mala beads are Buddhist prayer beads.  We created necklaces of stone beads that had special meaning to "LOVE" and ourselves.  I chose beads that attract serenity, love and creativity.  My single stone protects me from harm.  Yesterday I practiced a little Yoga in the studio and then spent the rest of the day at home with my Denver girls.  Ryan made a yummy dinner and we polished it off with chocolate fondue!!!  The dippers were strawberries (of course), pineapple, kiwi and gluten free angel food cake.  My Kate has a personal signature of getting more chocolate on her face than in her mouth.  This morning I went to a Pilates class and then had my 67 year old toes painted lilac.  Thank you all for your lovely Birthday wishes.  I appreciate every one of them.  Now I must go take a nap.
Mala beads
Triangle pose
Reverse warrior 2  Who doesn't practice  backyard Yoga in Denver in February with Granddaughters, chickens and goats?

Chocolate fondue for birthday cake

She just can't help it- more chocolate on the face than in the mouth
Goofball Ella

May we all walk with love and kindness, peace in our hearts,  and barefoot with lilac toes
Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

February Crazy Quilt block

So it's February!  The month started out with a dumping of snow but for the next few days it is going to be like Spring!  I love February!
February block:
A pine tree with a howling wolf with purple mountains in the back and a luscious pink sky.  Did you know the sky is pink when it is snowing?
Crazy quilts are mismatched pieces of fabric - usually velvets, silks and satins- and usually scraps from the Victorian era clothing.  The pieces are sewn together and embellished at the seams with embroidery and ribbons. Spider webs were often sewn on the quilts as well- very Victorian and very crazy quilt.  When I look at this work I can assume that the winter Olympics were going on this year. Love charms signify Valentine's and there are a few candles near the bead spider to remind me that this is also my birthday month.
February block

Wolf silhouette embroidered pine tree and love charms

Cupid charm, Olympic rings, lots of beads and leaves

snails eat the garden in February, moons and stars and a spider climbing to her web 
howling wolf, flowers, Happy Birthday to me!, spider and her web

Gold spider web, beaded spider, lazy daisy stitch flowers.  Camellias do bloom in February

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekend project

These bar chairs had made it out to the garage because of their color.  There was a time when red was perfect but not now ant not in this house.  I took another look at them and thought "But what if they were blue?"  I started this project last Sunday dressed in shorts and working outside in the January sunshine but this Sunday it is cold and we had nearly a foot of snow overnight.  I just had a few finishing touches left and now these chairs are new and back inside where they belong.  I am trying out this "Blissful flue" color for my kitchen cabinets (lowers only)

Blissful blue- trying out the color for my kitchen cabinets

February 1- snowy morning