Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morning tea

getting ready for the day, 3, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

After my walk I head for the stove to start my water for my morning tea. My favorite is Stash's pomegranate raspberry green. I love green tea but some of it tastes a little too grassy to me. This one is perfect. What I don't drink hot ( I usually brew 2 bags) I add ice to later and then I'm really happy...iced tea. The other essential item: Le Creuset tea kettle in Dijon (now available in citron) available at Williams-Sonoma.


Marjorie said...

I wish I could stop by for a cup of pomegranate,
raspberry tea and perhaps a scone with strawberry jam and cream-Doesn't that sound good?

Denise Whitney said...

Yes it does, Marjorie. The granola bars (just posted) are good with tea too. Do come by soon