Friday, December 18, 2009

3rd day of Christmas cookies

peppermint candies, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

For the past 30 (maybe more) years my friend Sue and I and whatever other family members are available get together to bake cookies. This tradition started when my kids were little and I was teaching them the basics in the kitchen. Sue was their babysitter......there only babysitter and since we were so lucky to have her in our home frequently she took part in baking too. Through the years the kids come and go but Sue and I always share one day before Christmas in the kitchen. This year we decided to try some new cookies. We needed a challenge. Here is the result for the 2009 cookie day:

Remember a few postings ago I mentioned that my childhood stockings were filled with candy nuts and oranges? Those are pretty simple items but take these basic goodies and you can turn them from simple ......


Marjorie said...

I'll take one of each please:)

They look wonderful and I know you had fun baking all these delicious morsels.

jojo said...

Me too! Me too!

How special that you have such a tasty tradition:)