Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursdays with my California girls

waving at the train, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

Thursdays are my day with Ella and Kate. I pick Ella up from Kindergarten and we do something together. Most of the time she wants to go to Golden Spoon for a frozen yogurt. Then we go home and play Uno or scrabble or just water the roses. Then we pick up Kate and do something all together. It's Kate's choice and she always wants to go to the BEACH!. This Thursday was no exception. The only difference was that it was the last day of Kindergarten and so the last day of our little routine. Kate loves the train. In San Clemente the train travels along the ocean so that is the beach of choice. She loves the train but is a little leary of the the loud horn. So she hold her hands to her ears in anticipation. Here she sits on the top of the slide waving to the train as she realizes that it is safe to uncover her ears. Where is the train going, Kate? "San Diego!" You are right sweet little girl. Then off she goes to slide, swing and collect rocks on the shore. She puts the rocks in her pocket to take them home to Mommy. Ella usually finds beautiful colors and then takes Kate to wash her feet in the foot shower before we go home. I have so much enjoyed sharing Thursdays with these precious little girls. They bring me so much joy. Next Thursday will be different.


Marjorie said...

Great photography Denise..I'm glad you all had a fun day.

Plain Jane said...

ah, special times indeed! And congrats on raising what I hope is the 3rd generation of rock picker uppers!

Scarlett said...

That photo is stunning -- the colors, the composition and, of course, that beautiful little girl. You are FULL of talent Denise!