Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The end of a beautiful bloom, in memory of my friend, Brian

Peony, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

Last night I got word of the death of a friend...a young friend. Brian Minton took is own life last week....a mystery no one will understand least of all the one who acts. I loved Brian. He was a friend through my daughter, Whitney and her husband, Ryan. They all met at the dog park in Richmond Virginia 7 years ago when their dogs were puppies learning to get along with others. Brian became part of their lives and so also mine. We spent all holidays and birthdays together; shared wonderful meals went to children's movies (sometimes without any children) and enjoyed intellectual banter. I am so sorry that he no longer could visualize being on this earth. My family is so sad and confused. We will all miss him


Amber T said...

I heard about this from Brad last night. It's so sad and I've been thinking of all of you today. I am so sorry. I got to meet him when we went to Richmond to visit and thought he was great. I know he was well loved by all of you and that he will be missed. ~Amber

Scarlett said...

So sorry you and your family are going through that Denise. Lots of unanswered questions that will always be in your thoughts, I am sure. Depression is so real and tangible for those which suffer from it...and receiving help is a fight in of itself through the medical/governmental system we have, I believe. Very heartbreaking news.