Friday, March 6, 2009

Nasties in the garden

I love these happy flowers.  I can't remember a garden of mine that has not had nasturtiums.  last year the witch from the HOA's property management decided they were non-conforming plants and ordered them to be removed.  (They are, as you can imagine, so dangerous to live with)  But nasturtiums reseed quite easily and something tells me they will be back again this year.  The leaves make perfect little serving trays for crab cakes and the flowers themselves add a little frivolity to a green salad. 

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Winifred said...

Oh dear! What's the criteria for non conforming plants? Is there a list?

Do they have to be "posh" like roses or rhododendrons? What's wrong with nasturtiums? For me I love daisies, especially on the lawn. My husband hates them & troes to kill them offf but I think they're gorgeous. I suppose it's memories really, like sitting with little friends making daisy chains with them. Don't suppose boys do that!