Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate "2"

in the garden with baby, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

Kate turned 2 on March 13. She has figured out the joy of presents and of being the center of attention on your birthday. Her mommy and daddy rented a bounce house and set it up at the end of the Cul de Sac but while her friends and neighbors bounced in the house, Kate took her doll and Nana on a walk in the neighborhood. Kate loves fire trucks, trains, trash trucks, Dora, Diego, the Backyardagins and bugs (particularly snails). She is truly a joy to be with. Happy Birthday sweet baby Kate


Marjorie said...

Denise, This is an adorable picture of Kate. I hope she had a very" Happy Birthday":)))

Winifred said...

She looks lovely. They're such a delight.

Hope she enjoyed her bouncey birthday.