Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekend project

These bar chairs had made it out to the garage because of their color.  There was a time when red was perfect but not now ant not in this house.  I took another look at them and thought "But what if they were blue?"  I started this project last Sunday dressed in shorts and working outside in the January sunshine but this Sunday it is cold and we had nearly a foot of snow overnight.  I just had a few finishing touches left and now these chairs are new and back inside where they belong.  I am trying out this "Blissful flue" color for my kitchen cabinets (lowers only)

Blissful blue- trying out the color for my kitchen cabinets

February 1- snowy morning


Winifred said...

Love the chair colour.

My that's some snow you have. Where's the snowman?

Denise said...

Thanks, Winifred. How are you?

Winifred said...

I'm well Denise. Trying to get back to blogging again.