Saturday, February 21, 2015

Meet the new chicks

The new chicks
I just couldn't help it.  I went out to load up on barnyard essentials at O'Malley's Mercantile before the big weekend snow storm but when I opened the store door I heard birds singing.  Well they had just received a shipment of baby chicks minutes before and these little babies were peeping away less than a day old.  They are shipped by mail.  I went in for alfalfa and came out with 4 new chicks.  Bandit, Boo, Giselle and Buttercup 2.0:



Buttercup 2.0
 Ella and her angel food cake.
We had chocolate fondue for my birthday last week and Ella wanted to make one herself.  I am lucky this precious young lady (11) wants to be in my kitchen with me but she is a good little cook and the rewards are always worth it.  Gluten-free has been a challenge but not impossible so here she made- and just about all by herself- a beautiful angel food cake.  Good job Ella!
Ella and her angel food cake

She even did her clean up

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Winifred said...

Those chicks are gorgeous & so is that cake. What a talented young lady she is & pretty too. Love her shirt, the colours are brilliant.