Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday project

Today I decided to repurpose a glass vase that I have used to hold long stemmed flowers.  The vase is glass and looks like beach glass.  It is, in fact, recycled glass with a bluish green tint.  The base of the vase is only about 4 inches and is heavy so it is stable on its own.  Last week I had a lamp that needed  rewiring so I went to my local True Value hardware store INSTEAD of Home Depot.  I was ready to pay someone to rewire my lamp but the helpful man in the hardware store told me it may only need a new switch.  He was right.  For less than $5 I updated my floor lamp with a new switch!!  I was ecstatic so went back to True Value with this glass bottle vase.  I asked some questions.  Tim in the back drilled the exact right size hole in my rubber stopper, I picked up a 3-way switch; took a deep breath and headed home.  30 minutes later I have a new lamp:  total cost not counting the 7 year old glass vase I was ready to take to the Goodwill--> $28.  I LOVE my local hardware store and the terrific guys who work there:
Completed lamp on my bedside table

$28 worth of stuff

Lamp base neck

so far so good

learned what an underlap knot is

All done! Can't drill a hole in glass so the wire must be near the socket

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