Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grand Jete!

leap, 2, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a lecture demonstration on how to start a painting. I have until this time sketched before getting out my watercolor and brushes but Hyatt Moore encouraged me to "not think about it too much and just put the paint on the canvas." Of course he paints with acrylic and oils....much easier to paint over his mistakes. But I jumped out of my comfort zone and just did it. This is my first attempt at painting without a sketch. The finished piece is too large for my scanner so it is only partially displayed. In true Denise form I had just roasted some beets earlier and the beet juice just had to be the base wash of the earth. (There was a time when I could leap like this (well not exactly, but a pretty good attempt.)


Marjorie said...

I can't imagine leaping into the air like that. I would have killed or seriously hurt myself :(
When I was a child I lived next door to a girl (Gaynor) who actually could do that, I think she probably could have turned herself inside out she was so limber.

Denise, I'm proud of you trying something new and I'm sure it was a challenge but you are always up for one.

Jo said...