Thursday, April 27, 2017

The art of the barbiche and pampilles

"Barbiche" is the French word meaning a growth of hair under the lower other words a "goatee".  Who best to have a goatee than a goat herself?  Sunny and CoCo got their beards at about 8 months.  Well the babies are now 9 months old and it was time to take a look at their chins.

Look carefully LuLu's barbiche is starting to grow.  She is a beautiful doeling, isn't she?  She and Maverick both have "wattles" or extra skin baubles where the jaw ends and the neck begins.  En Francais= "pampilles"

Now here's a MOAB (mother of all barbiche)

Sunflower wins the prize for a fabulous Barbiche.  And Yes she likes to have it brushed along with the rest of her.

Maverick selfie with pampilles (wattles)

Well no goatee yet for this young man but he still likes to find my lap every afternoon to snuggle into for a nap.  I like it too...especially when the sun is shining in the barn on a really cold day like today.  Snuggling with a goat is the best.

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