Thursday, May 11, 2017

What messy room?

Oh my!  My blog is based on the fact that my art studio is just a messy room----really but at least for a few days it is NOT
The studio is in my basement with not much storage and not much light.....pretty much a room to collect a mess but as all of us do from time to time it was time to do something about it.  The room had a dinky little closet in the corner of the 10" by 18" room.  So I  build in a 4" by 12' walk in closet.  It still left a good size room and a new wall for a gallery.  The quilt that inspired this:
October Sunset quilt 2005

every studio needs a guest bed

So I used it for the back pillow of the day bed.  The window has a leaded glass over it so the light is pretty on a sunny day

Gallery wall

Here's the closet door and the gallery wall.  Yes children's art is acceptable!
Now walk into my closet:

South wall

back wall

north wall

And there's 2 more walls for my work space and a little dresser, not shown.

work center

Oh yes, I need another lamp
Time to change the name of my blog

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