Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mutton mowers in Boulder

Saturday Ella had a soccer game in Boulder.  When we pulled into the sports park we noticed a herd of goats just outside the park.  Kate and I just had to go check it out.  I think herds of goats have been used for quite some time to eat away brush and weeds that may become a fire hazard when things get dry.  These guys were contained by a portable electric fence which I think was moved from day to day.  The herd protector was a Llama.  She didn't come into camera range.  Just like my Sunflower and CoCo  these goats prefer to eat leaves from trees over noxious weeds.  There were at least 5 of these goats in the trees straddling the branches reaching as far as their necks would take them in pursuit of a few juicy leaves.  Warning: don't touch the electric fence.  I learned the hard way.  Interesting the fence was powered by a 12" square solar panel.
Goats for hire.  This Mama is earning her keep mowing down noxious weeds.

Kate in the forest watching the goats and skipping over the little creeks.

Sweet little black curly haired goat

Beautiful view of the Flat Irons behind a great soccer game.  Go Ella

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