Friday, September 26, 2014

Marigolds and goat cheese

Marigold and spice rolled goat cheese
One of the main reasons I wanted to have goats was for this very day: Cheese making
I have tried  lots of flavorings to my soft cheese but this is so pretty I had to share.  I originally planted Marigold seeds so that I could feed my chickens the flowers.  I have heard that adding marigolds to their diet makes their eggs even more wonderful.  But my chickens do no like marigolds.  They are an edible flower with beautiful colored petals.  The inspiration for this cheese.  I have included the steps for cheese flavoring.  I don't expect too many people are lucky enough to have fresh goat cheese from their kitchen but you can always buy some plain from the grocery and bring it to life with these flowers and spices.
Do you see the chef sneaking a peak?
 Bon Appetit!
soft cheese out of molds
I mixed tangerine zest and cheese salt and then placed about 5 ounces on the Saran wrap
Use the plastic wrap to shape the cheese
Inspiration for the flavors
Use only the petals

More inspiration.  Why not have spices that enhance the marigolds?

Remind me when I have more goat babies to name a doeling "Marigold"

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Jane LaFazio said...

Yum! I love goat cheese...can't imagine how good it is fresh and with marigolds! Love!