Sunday, September 1, 2013

Zucchini gratin

zucchini gratin, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.
What doesn't make you feel like a gardener when you plant a couple of zucchini seeds? But after about the first 6 what do you do with them all. I have a few go to zucchini recipes but this one is by far my favorite. I used the $15 mandoline from Williams-Sonoma to slice these guys thin. Then I followed Ina Gartin's recipe from The Barefoot Contessa. I had enough to double the recipe so I cooked both and froze the the extra one. Friday night I had an impromptu garden party with gazpacho and grilled bread. I felt like the menu was kind of weak and then remembered the gratin in the freezer along with some stuffed mushrooms. The gratin was delicious!
For dessert:
ice cream--lemon, lavender and goat poop (mint with Peppermint Patty pieces)
Bon Appetit in the jardin!

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