Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hardy: zones 5-10

French Lace, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

French day past a bud for one of my favorite "white" roses.  My roses grow beautifully in Southern California but I am hoping I can take some of my favorites to zone 5 (Denver)


Marjorie said...

It is a beautiful rose Denise..Does it have a nice perfume? I don't know how roses do in Portland but you have to plant them every year here with the exception of the Rugosa variety which is very hardy. It is not my favorite, lots of nasty little thorns.

Whitney said...

Thank you, Marjorie
Roses do well in different areas (zones) Of course all roses do well in Southern California which is zone 9. Denver is zone 5 so only hardy or very hardy roses will grow there and as I am learning they have to be planted in a different manner, a little deeper, I think. The gardening books say there is even a way to grow citrus in Denver but it is tricky. I had an orange from my little tree this morning. It was so juicy. This French rose will open to be white with just a hint of pink. It has a lovely perfume.