Sunday, April 24, 2016

A trip on the light rail

Friday on Earth Day the light rail line from Union Station in downtown Denver to the Denver International Airport opened for travel.  In celebration and orientation all rides were free!!!  Who doesn't love that???  So Kate and I made an adventure of it:  We caught the train at our closest station; rode to the airport; toured the station there and the new fabulous Westin hotel; then rode straight back to Union Station and explored the ice cream shop and the Tattered Cover bookstore.  We had a day of it and lots of fun.

ready to catch the train

arrived at DIA
under on of the peaks

Westin hotel with reflection of terminal peaks
selfie at the hotel
Yes there were crowds!!!

Arrived at Union Station

time for some ice cream

and a good read

On the way home I asked Kate if she thought there would every be a time when we didn't enjoy doing things like this together.  "That would be never"

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Winifred said...

Great photos. I love travelling by train. Much nicer than planes.