Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amethyst in the Spring!

iris, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

I think Spring has arrived in Denver. The trees finally have leaves-although not very many yet- and the temperatures are warming up. All of the purple flowers are blooming. I thought I would take you for a tour. First the iris. When I first moved in to my Denver home the only thing living besides weeds were these iris. They were all clumped into a shady corner so as I have landscaped the yard and paths I have spread the iris around. I can't believe the blooms this year. Lucky me! Chives have been up for months. They live quite happily under layers of snow and now with the heat they are turning to flowers. Perfect for toppings to deviled eggs. Last year I planted allium bulbs for the first time. They send a single stalk straight up with a perfect sphere on the top. I love them. And columbine in the state flower of Colorado.....gotta have some of those. With all of this purple inspiration I just had to get out my watercolors too.
Happy Spring!

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