Monday, August 6, 2012

This summer in the garden

pumpkin patch, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.
Any of you that have a garden know that it consumes your time in June and July. Now that summer in in full force the harvest has begun.
Twelve months ago I planted an apricot tree from a 10 gallon container. This year a bounty of a first year. I also have a plum tree with a first crop. I actually like them better before they are completely ripe...I love the tart crisp flavor.
Vegetables have been abundant as well. The kale amazes me. Perhaps I have planted too much. Of course summer squash. Eggplant loves this Denver heat and are now making their way to the kitchen and in to the pot for their part in ratatouille. I have begun to harvest my pear tomatoes but will have to be patient for the rest.
The biggest surprise was the pumpkin patch I didn't plant. Last year the pumpkin "waste" was put into the compost pile which then made its way back to the garden beds and without intent I soon had pumpkin vines everywhere. I pulled all but one since they take so much room and guided the hardy vine over the arbor along with the wisteria and grapes. It is the spot I sit in the evening to have my glass of wine and a few minutes of well earned rest.
Happy harvest!

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