Monday, August 13, 2012

Nana camp

Bald Mountain, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

Mondays are a day off for me and Nana camp for my Denver girls. "Nana Camp" includes fun activities, scrapbooking, cookie making and just a day of fun with Nana and the girls. Today we brought "Dad" along with us. We drove to the trailhead for Lost Lake and ventured out. Who knows what a hike will bring but we found this cool bridge to cross over the river. Then we found an area of the river that was full of waterfalls and fast moving water. Yes we crossed over the river on the log bridge. It was totally "AWESOME" as Ella and Kate said. We found an old 2 story abandoned log cabin with a cool porch, lots of speckled copper and red mushrooms and fabulous sticks to bring home. The hike ended with cold rainfall, a drive to Nederland and hot chocolate.
Today was a fun adventure!

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