Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tulips in Washington

Tulip, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

tulip fields in Skagit Valley, Washington, in April

 Every April there is a tulip festival in the Skagit Valley, Washington.  It was going on this weekend while I was in Seattle.  We didn't go this year but we have in year's past.  The tulips are blooming everywhere in Seattle and they are beautiful and come in so many colors.  Just a walk down the street will offer up hundred of colors and varieties.  Brad has yellow orange and red ones blooming right outside their back deck.  This pink one is my fave.


Marjorie said...

I love tulips. I didn't realize they had tulip fields in Washington. Beautiful Pictures:)

Plain Jane said...

YIKE gorgoeous...I've been to seattle nine billion times, but never to the tulip festival. waaa