Saturday, February 4, 2017

travel safe, my friend

my dearest friend, Dee
Today I said "Goodbye" to my friend, Dee Henderson.  We met when we were in second grade and could barely stand to be separated.  At the end of each day  I would walk her half way home and then she would walk me half way home and it kept going.  It must have taken 2 hours to travel less than a mile between our houses.  As teenagers we studied every musical we had heard of and recreated it in our bedrooms often....singing every lyric of every song.  We learned about curling irons and hair straighteners.  We were in each other's wedding. We knew everything about each other and no matter matter what...we were there for each other.  This picture was taken at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park neat the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  There was lots of giggling lots of joy and another night of singing songs from musicals.  It was certainly a cherished time for both of us.  Thank you my friend for loving me and making my world a better place to live in.  Travel safe to Heaven where there are special people waiting to greet you.

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