Sunday, August 18, 2013

Early morning at the farm

corn, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.
I get up fairly early. Don't ask me what time. I have the alarm set but it never goes off. The chickens are my alarm. One hen (she must have rooster envy) cackles at the break of dawn, That's what chicken do. So I must get up and take care of the animals. I go out to the barnyard where the girls (all 11 of them) are happy to see me. The goats tails are wagging. The chickens are calmly clucking .....all waiting for their breakfast. I grab a bowl of goat oats and cracked corn plus any kitchen scraps from the night before. I throw the corn for the chickens and take the goats their breakfast on the bench. Then I wander around the garden to pick some fresh greens for my girls. Won't you walk around with me?
The morning glories are open! The sunflowers are standing attention! The squash are hiding under their broad leaves. There are grapes starting to turn purple and sweet and there are other treasures.
I think I'll just sit a while and watch the corn grow:

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