Monday, January 9, 2012

More cooking with pumpkin

Thanks to a great harvest and a very cool cellar I still have about 6 pumpkins to change into something yummy to eat. So yesterday I searched for a new winter squash soup. I chose a recipe by Michael Chiarello. If you know his recipes you know that they are layered...many steps and lots of herbs and spices. First I made the toasted spice rub, rich with spices that include chili and cinnamon, then I roasted the squash with a syrup of spices, vinegar and fresh sage. Finally after pureeing the squash and adding it to the soup base it was ready to serve with Marscapone cheese a pumpkin seeds. The kitchen smelled fabulous all day and it made a great meal for football watching.. How 'bout them Broncos?
Bon Appetit!

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