Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks

What will you be doing today? I am guessing a little turkey and cranberry sauce will be on the menu.
My day will be the same:
It started with a little iPod, Touch, Pad, Mac
then a shower and make up with a little curl in my hair
followed by some time in the kitchen at the baking center with beaters to lick
most likely some artwork
after the big meal, I'll take a walk in the cold air to balance out the day
a bedtime story
and then a long nap with a smile on my face

Last weekend my Denver girls went to Seattle to visit my beautiful granddaughters there. We celebrated an early version of Thanksgiving and had the time of our lives. The cousins loved playing with each other.....lots of giggles, "Go Fish", walking adventures and some electronic fun.
Today will be like most of the rest of you....filled with fun, family, friends and the thankfulness of being together on a day of "rest" and reflection.

studying the iPod, originally uploaded by cabanagirl.

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